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Traffic Signal Issue


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I would like to invite you to witness the sheer number of cars that are excessively speeding on 9th Ave N, west of 66th st. It seems as if most of these drivers use it as a quick connector from Park St., without realizing that the speed limit actually tapers down to 25-30mph to quell speeders travelling through, as 9th ave transitions to residential.

This may be significantly problematic, because of the presence of the Pinellas Trail. I have seen a couple of dangerous occurrences happen right before my eyes. I saw two teen-aged males, who weren't prudent enough to walk thier bikes across the crosswalk, almost get clipped by a car. SPC is nearby and I see other students crossing here as well.

The cars that stop when the crosswalk strobe is activated also seem to be sitting ducks for possible accidents. Working from my home office, I have seen (and heard the screechng of) at least two occasions where an abiding car would stop so someone could cross the trail, only to be nearly rear-ended by the car behind them. The tire skid marks should still be there to serve as ample evidence of this.

There is signage forewarning drivers of the upcoming crosswalk, as well as posted speed limit signs. However, I think that this segment of 9th as well as 5th ave where the trail crosses, would highly benefit from digital radar-equipped speed limit signs to make it obvious for drivers to slow down, before someone gets seriously injured. It's just too easy for drivers to assume that this stretch of 9th is 40-45mph like the rest of the avenue crossing the city.

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