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The residential home located at 1409 W. Kalamazoo St. has been unoccupied for several years. The house was bank owned and eventually purchased. The current owners began working on the house, but have ceased work multiple times. The most recent work commenced late last summer/early fall and entailed digging a trench on the west side of the house to replace the foundation. The work has not been completed. There has been debris covering the front yard since then, as well as the gaping pit running along the side of the house, which is a safety hazard. Approximately a week ago an orange fence went up around the front yard to deter people/animals, etc. from entering. However, this morning I heard voices outside and looked out the window to find two children climbing in the trench along the house. I have attached two images to which show the children, the approximate depth of the trench, and in one photo you can get an idea of the amount of debris in the front yard. This is by no means an attempt to get these children or any child in trouble. I am just concerned for a curious child's safety. The condition of this home is atrocious and a safety risk to the neighborhood. I request that further action be taken to clean up the property and to hold the current owner responsible.

Thank you,
Maureen Nelson


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