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While waiting at the left turn signal from Rt 9E onto Oak Street I have been bothered for many weeks about the graffiti on the bus stop plexiglass waiting area. There is graffiti that looks like a penis. As a woman that doesn't take the bus - the grafitti makes me feel unsafe. I can't imagine the feelings of women taking the bus. I have been meaning to tell you about this since it went up with the construction completion in that area. Today I noticed a swastika carved in the plexiglass.
I know you will take this seriously. I am not Jewish, but know the importance of this symbol. I expect that you will get back to me by email by the end of the day on Monday 3/28. Our email address is kellynmatt@rcn.com. I expect the plexiglass to be fixed/removed by Tuesday 3/29. If I do not hear from you or see the plexiglass removed or replaced by the end of the day on Tuesday, I will contact the MetroWest Daily and let them know about the issue.
Thank you in advance for taking care of this issue promptly so that our neighborhood consistently feels like a safe place which respects people from all backgrounds.


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