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Ducketts Lane in the 6100 block needs to be re-painted off center from homes along westbound side of roadway. Before the county placed a new water main the road was painted off center from the homes. The road is now painted down the middle forcing west bound autos into the eastbound opposing lane of traffic as homeowners park on the west side of the road. No homes driveway access on the east bound Ducketts Lane side. The road is three lanes wide and the county needs to re-establish a parking area on the west bound side and move the dividing lines to the left of center. This is a public safety issue and the county needs to act in a timely manner. The county did establish proper road markings at the new Ducketts Elementary School and the road needs to be marked the same in front of the west bound side homes to prevent traffic from being forced over the wrongly placed divider lines. Again, this is a public safety issue and the county needs to correct this before a accident occurs and the county is held responsible financially.

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