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Sidewalk or Curb Repair Acknowledged

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City of Malden


Sidewalk or Curb Repair


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Malden Ward 4




The Malden YMCA is a gem in the city. The street scape is in terrible condition. The sidewalk adjacent to the entrance is broken down and crumbling, the sidewalk on the YMCA side of the street has a large block of concrete jutting out, the two crosswalks are faded, street lighting is dim and not located in the correct spots. Additional crosswalk are needed at all the crossing points. Please help improve the look of this building which is teeming with children and elders. The YMCA has done a lot of work to improve the appearance of their property. The opposite side of the street is a critical mess with a crumbling side walk, missing curbing and curbing in which when stepped on gives out under your foot. Also, the street is filled with pot holes.


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