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3351-3399 Overlook Drive Northeast Saint Petersburg, Florida Show on Map Hide Map
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City of St. Petersburg


Pothole / Road Surface Issue


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Pothole near 3400 Overlook Dr NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33703 just to the east of the bridge before St Raphael's Church. There is a rather large irregular shaped pothole on the right side of the lane on the westbound approach to said bridge that is treacherous to bicycling. If cyclist is avoiding road debris on the shoulder/bike lane the pothole is seen unexpectedly. Also, the roadway begins to narrow there so the cyclist needs to pay attention & merge with traffic.

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Q. Location of pothole?
A. Northside of Overlook Drive NE at approximately 3400 Overlook Drive NE
Q. Is this a large depression in the road?
A. No

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