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Just past the driveway of 7801 Riverside Drive (when driving east toward the city on Riverside), there is a deep and wide pothole just before a curve. This morning I was almost hit head on when a driver traveling east moved out of his lane to avoid the pothole and almost hit me as I was traveling west on Riverside.

In addition to the pothole, the right hand shoulder of Riverside in that same area is completely eroded away so that there is a one to two foot drop at the edge of the pavement.

There was an accident at this point about a week ago. It appeared a driver either swerved to miss the pothole as he entered the curve, or his tires slipped off the road and into the deep shoulder and he over corrected. Result was he broke through the fence between the road and the river and fortunately he hit two trees instead of going into the river. From the looks of the car, I imagine that anyone in the front seat was seriously injured or killed.

Please make this pot hole and shoulder a top safety priority. This road is used by cars AND runners, walkers with baby strollers, bikers, etc. That section is a hazard to all.

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