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Sidewalk Repair


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Sidewalk sunk down due to storm drain under street is broke and the ground is being washed away. Upon further inspection you can see that the edge of the driveway where it meets the street is sunk down below the curb. As well as half way up the driveway the drive is cracked and sunk due to the erosion of ground going into the storm drain and washing away. This is a great problem that needs to be addressed before someone is seriously hurt. I understand that the entire storm drain system is to be replaced in 2013 but from a liability the sidewalk needs to be shored up. As I am the home owner I would also like to see my driveway repaired as it was caused by the erosion. Tim Calvit has been out to look at it but I have not heard back and two subsequent phone calls have not been returned. I would appreciate someone looking into this and getting back with me as soon as possible thank you. I can be reached at 727-743-7931 my name is Scott Wells


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