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232 Grider St Buffalo, NY 14215 Hiển thị trên Bản đồ Ẩn Bản đồ
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bike concern, robbery

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It is so nice to know that someone else is out there concerned about this community. My concern to is on the East side of Buffalo but if we are not careful just like mold the problem will spread to the surounding areas. Our city is already like a big field with decaying homes and business that cant prosper due to crime. It remind me of one of those old gun movies where every one stayed in there house while the bandits came threw and done what they wanted to.I am one of those who stay in the house I don't allow my children to go out of the yard worried what may happen to them. They live in the city and i want but them a bike afraid that it might get stolen, or they might get shoot by some stray bullet. Why are our troops in another country fighting for the rights and the freedom of other people when we are being held hostage in our own cities accross the country. The trops could be here in our country so we may be free to have business live and even ride bikes in our city where we our held hostage.

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  • Erie COUNTY Medical center (Khách)

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