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Not only has 1146 OGDEN, LLC succeeded in turning 1146 Ogden Avenue into a homeless hotel, but they have now gone so far as to shut off the hot water in the entire building for all apartments between the hours of 10:00PM and 6:30AM. HPD is aware of the problem and even issued a violation when I was able to get an inspector to inspect the issue in my apartment recently, but beyond issuing violations, HPD is rather impotent, which is typical of most NYC agencies.

Since acquiring the property at 1146 Ogden Avenue, 1146 OGDEN, LLC, aka STADIUM HOLDINGS, LLC, aka NEW CITY MANAGEMENT, LLC, has been rather negligent and unwilling to address hazardous and unlawful conditions with the building and within the apartments. The number of open violations against 1146 OGDEN, LLC is horrific! For example, the lock on the front door of the building has been broken for more than two months, yet management is unwilling to do anything about it, due to the fact that so many homeless families now live in the building -- these families are highly unlikely to complain about anything. The overall cleanliness of the building his plummeted noticeably over the last two years.
It's sinful how landlords like this are allowed to not only make sickening profits by any means available, but also how New York City and New York State agencies are so slow to take punitive action against these type of slumlords!


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