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The owner at 63 Pennsylvania ave. parks her brown Toyota Camry, which never moves I might add, directly in front of her garage, which is packed with items so tight, no car can pull into it. She then parks her 2nd car which is a White Toyota Corolla directly behind the Camry and completely blocks the sidewalk so when I take my dog out, or my daughter has to go around the vehicle, and ride her bike into the street, and possibly be hit by oncoming traffic. It is illegal to block a borough sidewalk with your vehicle no matter if it's in front of your house or not. This is an everyday thing, not just once in a while, and what gets me is she's foreign! She is now teaching her son how to drive and she doesn't know traffic laws herself! I can't imagine if I was in a wheelchair what danger blocking the sidewalk would pose...... Please address this immediately. Over here everybody on the West end illegally parks constantly, and speed around like maniacs.Either the police just don't care, or they don't care to enforce or even care to follow traffic laws themselves. I've seen it first hand. Also there is a Big Comcast Truck parked all the way at the dead end of Penna. Ave facing the wrong way, and that is dangerous especially in a Big work truck

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