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Stormwater Issue


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trash, overgrowth


Multiple people are urinating & defecating on the south bank of canal 15, under the large shrub (near large shelter, across from Park View Condos). This issue has been previously reported, with no results. People have been seen exposing themselves, carrying roll of toilet paper into the area which has resulted in a a build up of soiled toilet paper along the bank of the canal. Solutions offered by the public (trim the shrub, install a port-o-let, have a 'beat cop' monitor the area) have not been implemented by local authorities.The entire stretch of canal has been in need of clean up for quite some time. It ultimately links to the Weedon Island State Preserve. Next communication will be to the media and the EPA.

also asked...
Q. Location of problem?
A. Fossil Park, canal # 15 , south bank
Q. Does the issue involve a sewer (wastewater) line?
A. No

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