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On Sunday September 30, 2012, at 11:00 A.M. I was almost hit by a strayed ball from Tam O'Shanter golf course.

I was walking north on Kennedy Rd, on the west side. I was, 2 light poles, past Havendale Rd when I heard a rushing wind noise and saw a white abject flew past my face (left to right direction). My head turned right to followed the object and saw a white ball bounced on the street. I walked back to Havendale Rd and Kennedy Rd intersection, and found a golf ball resting on a sewer grate at the intersection N.E. corner.

The golf ball came from a tee-off area on the North side of Kennedy Rd. That particular tee-off area is parallel to Kennedy Rd (see the picture).

I called Tam O'Shanter office and spoke to Sookie Ham. Sookie did not take my complain seriously. She claimed the following : it is very rare incident; there are big tree there to hold the strayed ball; that the city have insurance to cover injury; why were you walking near to the fence; the fence is always like that and there was no problem; golfer 'usually' do not hit ball to the street side. She promised to relay the message to the city but it is unlikely that anything will be done. No name was given or expected response was provided.

The fence and the sidewalk is separate by about 12 ft of grass. The fence is 4 ft high. The empty space betwwen tree is enough to drive 2 trucks through. On the Kennedy Rd, south side of the golf course, there is a section of very high fence (in addition to the low fence).

The ball flew close to my face, close enough to hear the wind noise. I could have been hurt by the golf ball. Why is there not a high fence on the north end, when the tee-off area is so close to Kennedy Rd ? A high fence should be at the north side of Kennedy Rd. Alternatively, the sidelwalk should be closed to pedestrian traffic. Road traffic may still be affected by strayed golf ball. This is an accident waiting to happen. Insurance or not, no one want to be injured. No driver wants their car to be damaged by a strayed golf ball.

What will the city do ? Change that course layout ? Put in a high fence ? Close the sidewalk ?

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