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Right now theirs people living in this house so the house is not close on top of that Geneva Housing Authority made a false inspection report saying they re-inspected the house on July5,2012 at 42 Clinton street Geneva New York 14456 and it passed inspection. I was in the house that day and NO ONE CAME IN TO INSPECT THEY JUST TOOK THE WORD OF THE LANDLORD WITH OUT CHECKING WITH THEIR OWN EYES. I have documents proving this, they passed the house when the FURNACE WAS STILL NOT FIXED AND IT STILL HAD A RED TAG saying carbon monoxide leak and gas leak. This is seriouse i dont care what type of government agency your in that is fraud and that breaking a couple of the municiple laws of Geneva New York, what its o.k for a wealthy landlord to brake the law but when apoor tenant breaks the law their put in jail or the state takes everything from them. Right now just for me doing this i have the City Of Geneva Following me everywhere i go, They even got the detectives following me because there trying to catch me DO ANY THING WRONG BECAUSE THERE TRYING TO MAKE ME LOOK BAD. Everybody is going to know that if i get put in jail or ANYTHING HAPPENS TO MY FAMILY IT WAS BECAUSE I DEFENDED MYSELF. I am not going to let anyone treat me as if my life dosnt matter im not going to let the state or who ever is making THE CITY OF GENEVA POLICE DEPARTMENT HARASS ME AND THINK THEY CAN DO WHAT EVER THEY WANT JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE HIGH POSITIONS. I swear i walk out of my house i have a cop go down the street then he does a u turn and comes back down. Then the officer radios another police car and when im 2 blocks down i see another police car today is october 3,2012 and i saw 13 police cars during my afternoon walk with my kids ages 6,4, and 1. I even called the chief Jeffrey Trickler but he hasnt written to me about my complaint over the phone. I am complaining because a lot of people did wrong to me and now there trying to cover up there buts and im sorry if you did somthing wrong you fess up. The police is harrassing me so much that i even know their detective cars and their go home cars. the back of one of the officer police car plates was 6v12 and dont get me started on the other ones. If i was the police i would stop HARASSING A 25 YEAR OLD HISPANIC DISABLED FEMALE BECAUSE THAT WOULD GO UNDER SEXUAL HARASSMENT HARASSMENT DISCRIMINATION AND INTIMIDATION.I did not do anything wrong it was done to me therefore i wouldnt be covering up for them because then you will just be added into this mess. Its simple stop stalking and harassing me and act like professional that you were intended to be officer of the law your suppose to protect and serve, not try to see if you can find anything on me because a government official made a mistake LET HIM OR THEM GO DOWN FOR WHAT THEY DID. DONT DO SOMETHING THAT YOU KNOW AND YOU FEEL IN YOUR HEART ITS A WAIST OF TIME AND ITS BS. I SAW A GOOD OFFICER FOLLOWING ME AND HE LOOKED LIKE HE REALLY DIDNT WANT TO AND THAS OFFICER DAVID HALL HE IS A VERY GOOD OFFICER AND THE ONLY REASONE HES FOLLOWING ME AROUND IS BECAUSE OFFICER SERGENT PASSALACQUA TOLD HIM TOO BECAUSE MY LANDLORD MAD A COMPLAINT TO THE POLICE DEPARTMENT BECAUSE SHE GOT ANGRY THAT I SAID HER HOUSE WAS DANGEROUSE and the landlord went to geneva housing authority making false accusations too just because i got a lawyer because she commited fraud and she was a neglagent landlord and shes trying to put me in jai and my boyfriend befor she gets cought. Thats why im doing this because i want the world to know just in case anything happens to me jacqueline cortijo and my boyfrined greg jeremy castelllsno. I am protecting myself because i also have a brother inlaw who is a probation officer in geneva ny and hes friends with many of the police officers from geneva and my brother in law JIMMY DELGADO NEVER LIKED MY BOYFRIEND GREG CASTELLANO AND HES VERY GOOD FRIEND WITH MY LANDLORDS DOUGHTER. I dont know exactly why the police is messing with me but i am tired of not being able to take a walk with my family with out seeing 20 police cars passing back and forth its not that seriouse. tomorrow ill put up more images im tired right now

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