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There is a park at the intersection of Reservoir Rd NW and Mcarthur blvd NW. The rear area of this corner park that follows along Reservoir road NW is not being maintained. There are vines and overgrowth taking over this part of the park and vines and invasive weeds are encroaching onto private property located at 4815 Reservoir Rd NW. There are vines climbing up trees and taking over cable wires as well. This issue was reported on 10/1 (12-00277497). DOT urban forestry - Ms Ertem inspected the area and concluded it was NOT land that DOT managed and this land part of DC Parks and Rec and this issue should be resolved by DC parks and Recreation.
This entire side area of this park that runs along Reservoir Rd desperately needs weeding, pruning, tree work.
This overgrowth creates a harbor trash, rats and snakes.
DCRA regulates several types of excessive vegetative growth for commercial and residential property owners and DC Parks needs to follow the city's rules as well.

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