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People in wheelchairs are not able to move from sidewalk to street without extreme effort on the Baraonda restaurant side of the street, heading to the Fox. I watched 2 different incidents before an event at the Fox Theatre on 10/3. A man trying to push a woman from sidewalk to street could not get her onto the road, even with help. He finally turned her chair around and was able to pull. A mother was pushing her young son in his wheelchair when he was almost tossed forward when she hit the large uneven bump. What was interesting, is that in both scenario's the people just smiled and moved on. They have good hearts; however, I truely believe people with physical issues and their caretakers should not be burdened with such inconveniences. I am sure this city and hundreds of others have many obsticles like this for the physically impared, but it is something I observed first hand and I was affected by it. With it being so close to the Fox, I'm sure it happens all the time. Thank you,
Katrina Avey

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