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Dear Neighbors and Residents of HEAR,

As a longtime resident and dog owner - I own three dogs - I am sending a desperate plea to the residents of Heritage East, PLEASE CONTROL YOUR DOG'S EXCESSIVE BARKING. Yes, I am talking about that small dog that barks every morning starting at 6:00 AM or the big dogs that bark till 1:00 or 2:00 AM every night. My dogs are not perfect either but they are only reacting to all the other dogs that are barking. Do I know who these dogs are so I can make a report? No I don't and I am certainly not going to go walking through the neighborhood at those hours to find out either.

I like to exercise my right to sleep with my windows open at night but lately just to keep my dogs from reacting to all the other dogs barking, I have had to sleep with my windows closed. Do the owners of these dogs that bark excessively every night or every morning not know their dogs are barking? Or is it that they don't care? or both? A dog is a large responsibility and as any dog owner knows (or should know), the owners can be held responsible for the actions of their animals. A recent court case in our area sided against a dog owner whose dog was accused of excessive barking. What is excessive barking? Any dog that barks on a consistent basis after 10 PM or before 7 AM. Don't believe me? Call 311 and ask.

If it is your dog or dogs that are barking and barking and barking then I ask you to resolve the issue before it gets out of hand. If you are a neighbor of a dog owner who allows their dog or dogs to bark excessively then report them to the city by dialing 311 and make a report. Keep reporting them! The city will first send them a letter telling them of the registered complaint and the penalties if the issue is not resolved. If the issue continues they will send out a Animal Control officer to observe and report back. If the complaints continue then fines can be levied against the dog owner.

Maybe it is selfish but I would just like to get a good night’s sleep without listening to one dog and then another and then a whole neighborhood of dogs bark and then of course my dogs get in to the fray. I am sorry, but if you have never had a large dog bark in your ear at 1:30 in the morning then you aren't missing anything, it will scare the crap out of you, I promise.

I am asking, alright, begging for everyone's help. Let’s all work together on this problem and stop the excessive night time and early morning dog noise in the Heritage East neighborhood.



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