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I live at the west end of 39 Springbett Drive, and our street and neighborhood have been in state of dust, noise, and barricades intermittently for the past few years. I realize the work is necessary, but it has resulted in a decrepit road surface. Our street is a busy thoroughfare, and the noise and shaking of our house has become almost unbearable. We also back onto the alley which is now also a very dusty busy road for traffic trying to deke around the neighborhood. Could the cracks, holes and surface please be leveled at the bend around 39St. and Springbett so that I don't have to keep straightening pictures, or be jolted out of sleep? Could the alley be surfaced to at least take away the dust? It does appear that the squeaky wheels in Red Deer get the perks, so I guess I am starting to squeak.

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