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RICE AVENUE is a MESS!! Archived

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This long ignored road is a complete mess. It needs to be torn up, along with most of the sidewalks, and completely redone. We were told by the county that this was on the schedule to be fixed years ago at a community meeting but other than some utility line replacement, nothing was done for years.
Also, when the utility poles were relocated, the cement sidewalk where the old one was (corner of Glenmore), was not filled in with cement but with asphalt (illegal!) and then, stupidly, another pole was moved ONTO the sidewalk (at N. Beechwood) blocking the sidewalk.
The paving is so bad at the Glenmore end of the street that there is actually no pavement left. Just a giant mud hole!
This neglected street has now been made worse by bungling utility changes and continues to slide into worse and worse shape.
But the houses on this street SHOULD bring the county HIGHER tax revenue because they back onto parkland!! If the county would fix the street and sidewalks, this would improve the showing of homes on the street, raise values, and bring in more tax revenue paying for the new street.
Still a mess!

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