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1336-1346 Duavant Valley Rd Birmingham, AL 35242, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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Dunnavant Square Sign

There is a Dunnavant Square real estate sign on the public
right-of-way and it's not near the the houses or property for sale. It is a driver distraction.

Inaddition, the sign does not comply with Shelby County Zoning ordinance on sign regulations:

Sec. 19.3 Prohited Signs (12):

Signs that resemble any official sign or marker erected by any governmental agency; and (20):

Signs erected on public property...other than signs erected by a public authority for public purposes.

The sign resembles a directional sign by it's shape, black arrow, and yellow color which is used on regular traffic signs.

This sign is also zoned in a Special District.

Their contact number is 205-379-2797. The Dunnavant Square development is is across Hwy 41 from the Town of Mt Laurel.

Ref: The Alabama PALS

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