3 way stop rules not followed...Flint / Miller / Orion rd. Archived

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This area is a 3 way stop that needs to be patrolled. Almost on a daily basis drivers are not following the proper "right of way" rules. I see it so often, that I thought maybe it was me that did not know the law. Looked it up, it wasn't me . The biggest problem occurs in the afternoon and drivers turning from Orion Rd left onto Flint. That is the biggest line up at that time and my impression is people are anxious to get home. They don't stop before the stop sign, almost 10 feet past, don't use signals, but the biggest problem is not waiting their turn. And, I cannot tell you how many times I see 2 cars go thought at once! Really.. No exaggeration. One guy even waved and gave me a sinister smile as I honked since I almost hit him. i am now trying to get this reported as this week someone was trying to cross the road there and almost got hit because of this disregard of stop sign laws.

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