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Very Dangerous Curve needs Stop Sign Acknowledged

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This is a very dangerous curve located at the intersection of 420 Lighthouse Rd New Haven (Morris Cove), CT and Marion St. New Haven(Morris Cove), Ct.

This is a main road to get to Lighthouse Point Park and people unfamiliar with the area as well as people from the area speed around the curve. Almost every time a car comes out of 420 Lighthouse rd it is almost hit by a car coming around the bend. There is a Blind driveway sign posted right before the curve but is ignored. There is a park where children play and have to cross this area of the road to get to the park. Children are in grave danger here. We do not want another child hit by a vehicle in the city! A stop sign where the blind driveway sign is posted would be much appreciated by all in this area for the safety of all.

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