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Dear Sirs,

It is with great respect that I am writing you, but feel that I must, as I have no where else to turn. I believe in the government of the people, however, I am aware that it is limited in it's ability to truly protect the innocent from the "abuse" of corrupt elected or hired officials. I am a preacher and one who proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ. I live on a very limited income. I don't know if any of you are aware of the New Testament, but in it there was a man named Paul. The apostle Paul was a very wicked man, until he had an encounter with Jesus Christ, and became history's, number one “defender of the faith." His was a life of poverty, and hardship where he continually came upon hatred and persecution from men. Now, I am not crying out a cry, that I am "persecuted, the world is against me," claim, but I am writing about a very real and unjust encounter that I had with a police officer from the Grandview, Mo police department. I was treated very unfair and arrested for a crime that had nothing to do with my situation. I wish that you would read the story of my encounter on that day. I believe that this officer is very much overstepping his authority, and acting in a very "rash" and “illogical” manner causing harm to many people‘s lives. I would like the man examined as to his stability, as a police officer, at the very least. I do not know who to turn to, so I am just going to continue to email all elected officials, until I receive some kind of help. I am also, going to email any newspaper or possible lawyer group, until my court date in approximately six weeks or so. You can read about my experience with this officer on my web site, It begins with the titled page, "obey all authorities."

Thank you, in His service,
John Colwell

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