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I have lived all my life in Redwood City for 29 years ,I've been up and down like every street realty I know it from the back of my head. I noticed All new stop lights and stop signs or new cross flashing lights on crosswalks that have been added every time in redwood city.And I like the effort Of the community when I see workers working to build this city to a Safer community.ill make this quick to get to the point ,lol one stop sign in the Fairoaks and fifth Avenue Street,Which is a lot safer For pedestrians to cross when you getting the kids at a school or kids that walk by there self .great job i can say that stop sign is indeed is a life saver.My grandfather got ran over when it wasn't there ,😔so great job to who Had the power to put one there and actually did ,thanks .Youre a heroe ,😌👌🏼2nd Nothing but the brightest idea to build the sport house.Around a type of neighborhood Like the one that lives around it.I say that place could Builds Dreams and create hope for our kids .Just the right thing to build in the middle of that neighborhood.And I heard our part of the police build it .Issue is that You charge to go in And be a memberTo be able to come in whenever you wantAnd when you do It's always reserved or buisy .I paid for a whole monty and in the whole month I even started calling but was always too buizy nothing but the jumper were open .Might be thinking why is it a big deal for me.Well happens to be that for that little reason i had no place to go but the park where I got beat up In front of my niece and they even took her stuff.maybe 1 day of the week heks even 1day a month free for all would be amazing and could keep people safe late night doin activities after work with their kids .my neice is next to me saying please open the 🏀basketball courts she wants to practice her shooting ⛹🏻..Her idea and my little favor i promise to mention it upon my request. Well okay last and not least ,the 3rd thing i want to ask to do in the name of all the ppl that have or almost got rand over and maybe killed.if we keep ingnoring the fact that we need to put a stop light on first ave and middlefield road to have cars clear the way on pedastrians walking on the crosswalk to come to a complete stop them we can say now that we will be the cause of the next ppls deaths that passed way for not making it across the other side of the streets . Whos job is it anyways to go out and decide where else we need stop lights and signs for safety .they need to earn there money and get it together wake up people .im sorry but its honnestly true, i dont know wat it feels to loose a mother but we all know it must be the worst feeling of all . Well i love my mom and if my Old lady needs my help crossing her then i help her but when she needs it and im not around does flashing crossing lights on dumbarton and middlefield road arent helping or working . Matter of fact it just makes it worst having them there. Why because cars see the flashing crossing lights and dont want to wait so they acelerate quick and so fast to not wait and let ppl pass .Dont get me wrong its a good idea and handy but not in a fast moving and buisy street like that come on .Only time i notice does flashing lights slowing cars down is wen a cop is around . Maybe thats the reason they dont notice we need a stop light . Im just saying if you care and can do something go to that location but no uniform . Press the buttom and try walking across ,and my prayer that gods hands help you cross the whole way across safe . Im an athlete ,quick tuff and fearless .i didnt know wat my old lady real ment wen she said she always has a hard time goin to the store . I though she ment because of all she had to carry on her so i bought her a cart. Heks if i would of knowed it was the cross walk i would of bought her some JORDANS instead .,lol im kiddin but check it out please thanks my number is 1(650)771-8445 and my names JUAN i would like to realy know if anything will be gething done about it means alot plis thanks my email is

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