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Abandoned Vehicle Reconnu

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Abandoned Vehicle


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Silver Jeep has been abandoned on Forest Hills Drive N.E.. Location is just diagonally East of 6920 Forest Hills Drive. 87109. Residents have been asked if it is any of their vehicles and no one in the neighborhood claims the vehicle. It looks like it has been in a front end collision, has a lot of damage to the front end.

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Q. License Plate #
A. NBZ 926
Q. State
Q. Make
A. Jeep
Q. Model
A. Cherokee
Q. Color
A. Silver
Q. Year
A. 2010
Q. Condition
A. Poor
Q. Summary of problem
A. Vehicle has been abandoned, does not belong to anyone in the neighborhood
Q. Number of days there?
A. 45
Q. Private or Public?
A. Public

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