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Traffic Signs


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There are usually a lot of cars parked along the sidewalks on Patterson and it makes crossing the street very dangerous for cars traveling east or west on Koehler and Maxie. One has to pull into the crossing far enough to be able to see both sides when crossing. I live on Maxie st and take my children to school this way every morning. And every morning I am scared that I won't be able to see a car coming and end up t-boned with my young sons in the car.

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Q. What is your area of concern?
A. Sign Missing - Traffic Signs.
Q. Why is this a concern?
A. This intersection is getting more and more dangerous as traffic increases in the neighborhood due to new constructions and closure of Yale St bridge. Visibility from Koehler/Maxie st ( both ways) when getting to that intersection is usually really poor resulting in constant near collisions. Traffic on Patterson is too fast, headless of the presence of a playground for young children at that intersection. A four way stop is needed.
Q. What type of sign missing/damaged?
A. Stop Sign
Q. What direction were you traveling?
A. East


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