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Ease of Traffic: Dewey and Lincoln Street Intersection Acknowledged

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I work at the hospital and have witnessed this problem many times. On Dewey Street, where it intersects with Lincoln street there is residential road parking. When cars are parked on Dewey they are normally parked right behind the yellow curb, but the yellow is only extended a short distance from the stop sign. When someone is driving up Dewey (going around parked car) and someone is turning onto Dewey it can become pretty tight to the point that only one vehicle can make it through (and that's with only one vehicle parked on one side of the road). I would not want to take easy parking away from residents, but with such a high traffic road leading to the hospital/clinic, I think it may be a good idea to extend the yellow curb a bit further so there's more room for vehicles to move over for each other.

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