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New Brooklyn Road Ne @ Madison Ave N Bainbridge Island, WA 98110, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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This busy intersection is already very difficult to negotiate. Especially during peak school hours. To exit New Brooklyn Road onto North or Southbound Madison can take a very long time. Especially during school dropoff and pickup times. Many cars back up on New Brooklyn waiting for breaks in traffic (which can be a long time during peak school times).

With the new care facility under construction on the east part of this intersection and with the proposed office park construction at the Xmas Tree Farm on nearly the whole length of New Brooklyn Road between North Town Woods and Madison Avenue, it is clear that better processing of traffic at the intersection of New Brooklyn and Madison Avenue is needed.

The current design also is deficient due to the poor sight line for cars trying to exit New Brooklyn due to the hillside blocking the view of oncoming southbound traffic on Madison Avenue.

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