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Police Neglect to enforce major Parking Violations Open

All Off on, or within the vicinity of Paradise street on the West End, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania Show on Map Hide Map
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Illegal Parking everywhere, disregarding Watch Children signs, as well as Stop signs....many more major issues but there are too many violations to name honestly IMO...It's not my job, but yet the people who ARE supposed to enforce these laws, refuse to. Some of these officials are violating these laws themselves constantly....I've seen it first hand and my wife had to report them through another agency that had more authority ....I have 8, 10, and 12 year old children that I don't want to worry about, or shouldn't have to worty about possibly getting hurt because the police refuse to enforce basic safety violations and traffic is the worst of 5 or 6 I caught on my 10 min dog walk...Id post the rest but it only lets me post 1 at a time

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