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Mr. Rolleri, can you please provide me with a general idea or description of which principal, teacher, parent, student, and community member you have selected to serve on the selection panel for School Resource Officer, to help determine which of the three candidates is most motivated to help identify and neutralize the countless graffiti taggers in the City of Alameda?

During the past three years, the City of Alameda has been afflicted with more graffiti than anyone has ever imagined possible. With the right School Resource Officers in place, that are willing to exert a never-ending pursuit of graffiti taggers within the schools, we will be able to immediately see some relief in the gravity and frequency of the tags within the city.

I realize that you are short a substantial number of positions throughout the police department, which is the cause of this monumental and very prominent uptake in graffiti, and that it’s not due to a lack of leadership. However, despite the shortage in staff, a very motivated set of School Resource Officers can easily wrestle this problem back under control, under the talented and vested leadership that you bring to the department and city as Chief of Police.


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