70th ave N between 7th & 8th Sts; Alley Blading/Smoothing Archived

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City of St. Petersburg


Alley Blading/Smoothing


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City Sanitation truck uses 70th Ave N (aka 'alley') at 8th St when servicing the Parkview Condo dumpster, contributing to degradation of the roadway. Multiple utility and public service vehicles routinely drive on roadway while on their way to other job sites, as well as the general public, when searching for the entrance to Fossil Park. This has not disturbed the majority of residents in the past. However, attention was brought to the area recently when only one specific dead-end section of 70th Ave N (used only by residents), was resurfaced. The open-ended section of the road that is travelled & used by may vehicles, including City Sanitation, as can be seen by attached photo, and has not yet been resurfaced. As taxpayers, we would like equal service to this section of 70th ave N.

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Q. What is the issue?
A. Smoothing/resurfacing of dirt/gravel alley

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