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The William MacMillan Co located on a small side street in the Old City section of Philadelphia is creating an excessive amount of noise that begins as early as 3:30am 5 nights a week. This section of Old City is 95% residential and yet we're being held hostage by a small poultry wholesaler. They receive deliveries by tractor trailer which can some times take a hour to dock due to the size of the small street. The excessive AC being generated is not only from the trucks, it comes from the 7 large old 1st story refrigeration units that are only 60 feet from some residential windows. The dropping of the dock plate and the boom of driving a fork lift into these trucks can be heard from a block or more away at this time of night. Damage done to the street, sidewalk, street lights, street signs are fixed often by the taxpayers and not the company it self. It is impossible to have your windows open at night due to the noise, exhaust and smell emanating from them.

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