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Tree/Limbs (Private Property)


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There is a down tree limb on Pickwick Park/Pickwick Circle property. It has been down for over 1 week, possible over 2 weeks (I cannot recall the exact date of the storm that brought it down). I have been in touch with Pickwick's management agency, University Management. They deny that the tree limb is on their property and claim that it is instead on Brighton Park property. Brighton Park management denies it is on Brighton Park property. In the meantime, nothing is being done about the tree limb and it remains a hazard. I have downloaded the plats for all three players in this area (Brighton Park, Pickwick Park, and Pickwick Circle), and I am sure the tree limb is on Pickwick property. I have attached the Pickwick Circle plat with a yellow dot denoting where the tree limb has fallen. I will also upload a photo in a subsequent report. I

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S. Has the tree fallen down?
J. Limb hanging or partially detached
S. Please describe approximate location of the tree or limbs on the private property (ex: left of home, front yard, near driveway, etc).
J. Just beyond circular turn-around

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