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trash, odor, rodents


Walmart Property @ 3993 TYRONE BOULEVARD
Has a dumpster located directly behind my home that has fresh vegetables and raw meat by-products dumped daily and the smells are overwhelming. Now there is a rat infestation. For the past 2 years no one has witnessed the cleaning of this dumpster...ever. The dumpster was placed before Walmart relocated and is now used by adjacent businesses (a meat market and vegetable store) even though the dumpster is located on the closed Walmart lot. The housing development was under construction when Walmart relocated and the dumpster now resides within 10 feet of residential property. The rats are invading our homes.
Sec. 27-501. - Preparation of materials for collection. -
(c) The basic conditions of the exemptions for hotels, restaurants, and other eating establishments to the requirement to wrap wet garbage is that these establishments regularly clean and perform such other operations such as deodorizing, as will prevent the bulk containers from being a health hazard or a nuisance. For each establishment, the POD shall establish based upon the foregoing health and nuisance criteria a list of operations together with the frequency with which each must be performed. Failure to perform the required operations at the required frequency shall be grounds for the revocation of the exemption provided for in subsection (b) of this section.

(Code 1973, § 17-12; Code 1992, § 27-299; Ord. No. 142-H, § 8, 11-24-2014)

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A. Zoning violation

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