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Ditch Obstruction Acknowledged

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Ditch Obstruction


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So our road was paved. That's great. Now its even HIGHER than the yards. The flooding yard problem is no better than it was. Worse even. I'm not an engineer nut I can tell you that the ditch does not drain because it wad never dug out in front of the house next door. There are austrailoam pines growing in it!! All this work for "improvement" and now more water is sitting in our yard because the road is higher than ever and the ditch will become a mosquito breeding ground when this storm is over because the water is not moving. Do you need a new engineer? And why not lower the road before you added more material to it and added to the soggy yard, great for mosquito production???? Also, the new grass on the ditchesbis nice. It is also HIGHER THAN OUR YARD!!! know what that means??? Yep......more water sitting in our yard???? Can the county do something the right way insteadof halfway???? Thanks for the nice thanks for the worsening water sitting everywhere, and mosquito breeding grounds!!!!!


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