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Health Hazard and Public Nuisance Residential Hotel Mở

The Rose Hotel 125 6th Street San Francisco, California Hiển thị trên Bản đồ Ẩn Bản đồ
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A prevalence of bed bug infestations exist in San Francisco residential hotels, posing a significant health hazard and public nuisance. 125 6th Street, Non Profit Housing Agency; Mercy Housing. Roach and bed bug infestation continues to go unabated due to the incompetence of property management. The City And County of San Francisco identify bed bug infestation as a public nuisance. Residence are extremely low income and can not afford to abate pests on their own. Bed bug abatement takes considerable time and money, giving rise to slum like property management to use money saving tactics by using untrained, unlicensed property maintenance employees to treat individual residences with unregulated and very toxic pesticides that cause health problems. tenants commonly suffer from untreated Hep C , HIV AIDS, and drug addiction. Bed bugs not known to spread disease but can negatively impact mental and emotional health. Property management refuses to acknowledged infestation and seek to discredit any tenant who speaks out. This property has had bed bugs for years now and tenants have suffered needlessly at the hand of greedy property owners. Please help the tenants of this slum hotel support in their ongoing fight with them slumlord's who lined their deep pockets but have closed fists when faced with having to shell out money to improve the quality of life for these unfortunate tenants. Why would they care since they don't have to sleep in the conditions they created and ignore.

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