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My home is next to the construction site at 5220 Green Oak Ct NW. At approximately 9:45 am this morning, there were loud crashing sounds that caused tremors in the floors of my home and rattling of chandeliers in my home. This continued until I walked out of my home, down my long driveway, and over to the construction site. There I found a lone construction worker in a bulldozer with no supervisor or builder on site. His English was not great, but we were able to communicate. He told me he was moving extremely heavy cement blocks from the grass near the curb down into the construction site. I explained the crashes and tremors in my home and asked if he could please use care in moving the blocks to avoid excessive ground vibration. He did not appear happy to do so but he nonetheless agreed. He proceeded to move the cement blocks with care and without causing further crashes and ground vibrations. As your records show, there have been multiple issues and infractions stemming from this construction project that could have been avoided if the builder had been on site while the construction work was being done. All of the neighbors would appreciate the City enforcing any code or ordinance that requires the builder of record to be on the job site when construction work is being done.

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