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5611 4th Avenue North In The Alley Saint Petersburg, Florida Ka Muuji Khariidadda Qari Khariidadda
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Meelaha Madaniga: 4350

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City of St. Petersburg


Sanitation Department


335 jeer

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There is a huge pile of old household items and holiday decorations, etc. in open boxes in this alley. I'm not aware of who dumped it there. Please remove.

sidoo kale waydiiyey...
S. What issue is being reported?
J. Junk in alley
S. If this is a special item pick-up request, what items need to be picked up?
J. Wax Jawaab ah lama Bixin
S. Is this a residential or commercial request?
J. Residential

  • Jeff (Isticmaale Diiwaangashan)

  • La qiray Mayor's Action Center 2 (Isticmaale Diiwaangashan)

  • Realtor.Renee (Isticmaale Diiwaangashan)

  • La xidhay Mayor's Action Center 1 (Isticmaale Diiwaangashan)

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