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Roundabouts on Richards are dangerous for bicycles and pedistrians Open

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The "bicycle lanes" along Richards Ave abruptly end at both roundabouts between I-25 and the Community College. The "bicycles merging" signs provide no protection. It's hard enough for car drivers to figure out how a roundabout works in the first place, let alone how to deal with bikers and joggers who are "merging".

The roundabout at the church does offer a sidewalk around the circle; however car drivers rarely follow their duty to yield to pedestrians who are attempting to cross through the crosswalk in front of the church.

The roundabout at Oshara has nothing to protect pedestrians or bicycles.

The best solution would be to pave a separate trail all the way from Rodeo to Rancho Viejo, connecting the Arroyo Chamiso trails with the Rancho Viejo and Spur trails.

But for now, perhaps a trail or sidewalk around the oshara roundabout would at least help fix this intersection which seems to be the worst.

Ultimately I hope the city realizes that the roundabouts on Richards are dangerous. Should we wait for someone to be killed, or can we please think proactively? Richards is not wide enough for the traffic now, and it's only going to get busier as we continue to sprawl south of the interstate.

Thanks for reading!

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