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Stop sign needed and speeding Mở

Van Orden Place And Hazel Street Clifton, New Jersey Hiển thị trên Bản đồ Ẩn Bản đồ
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signs, traffic, road safety

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There is a stop sign on Van Orden Place but not on Hazel Street, in the past month I have noticed that traffic and speeding have gone up. It is almost impossible to turn from Van Orden onto Hazel Street in either direction and night time is much worse. I almost got into a accident with a motorcycle who did not have their headlights on a couple of nights ago, motorcycle was on Hazel Street speeding, I was turning left from Van Orden onto Hazel if it had not been for being overly cautious, we could have been in a terrible accident. I live on Van Orden and speeding always increase in the summer especially on the weekends, you just hear the cars and motorcycles fly, it almost sounds like race cars outside the window.

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