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New Curbing at N Morningside & N Highland not helping pedestrians & making hazard for drivers. Aberta

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The new curbing on the southwest corner of N Morningside and North Highland Ave blocks what used to be a right turn lane. Traffic now backs up single file on N Morningside because vehicles can no longer turn right on red if there is any vehicle stopped at the light. The curb seems to serve no useful purpose except to trick drivers into thinking there is a right turn lane, then immediately "dead ending" into a solid curb where a right turn lane would normally be!

Who designs these curbs, anyway? Rip it up, send the DOT roadway designers to "curb school" and try again.

Not only is this a terrible design which restricts traffic flow for no good reason, but I believe it is only a matter of time before someone wrecks their car by driving right over this new senseless "dead-end" lane.

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