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On Turk at Van Ness
711 Van Ness property owner keeps their trash bins out all day and the homeless go thru the trash and dump most of it on the sidewalk. Others take the opportunity for cover and hide behind the bins while they deficate on the sidewalk. Both the bins and the feces sit out on the sidewalk for months
On Van Ness itself the trees are dying for lack of care and maintenance and as you can see in the picture the light poles are in dis-repair. Likely the heavy metal left behind from the light pole will be there for weeks and there is a good chance it will attract the homeless. I am just glad I dont own a business around Van Ness or leave a car parked in the area. I might come out and find my car broken into like the area where car window glass is located one oarking spot right next to the other on Turk at Van Ness right outside 711 Van Ness. 3 words Clean South Bay (or even North Bay for that matter)

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