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This driver almost killed me and my child as he/she was speeding down Haynes not stopping at all and driving into oncoming traffic into Central. There was a car stopped at Fenwick an oncoming car coming from Central and myself driving part Simpson Park on Central. I had to slam my breaks to avoid a collision as I was going the speed limit of 35. This driver is dangerous and will no doubt kill someone with the way they drive, so careless for life or safety. They continued at a high rate of speed down Central and sped through the Stop sign at Edgell as well then tailgated the driver into the next street.
The residents recently wanted an extra sign put up on Fenwick and I have to say missing death this morning it's only because they want to do what this driver did. Put up a stop sign on Haynes so this guy can't kill anyone. I thank God I wasn't two second earlier at the point or I would be dead along with my child.

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