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Cars double and triple parked into street Inilagay sa Artsibo

1141 East Passyunk Avenue Philadelphia, PA Ipakita sa Mapa Itago ang Mapa
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Christpher's Auto Parts uses the triangle at 8th & Passyunk as a private parking lot. Cars are often double and triple parked out into the street making it dangerous, if not impossible to cross the street. The cars are often parked in so tightly around the business that a person, let alone a baby carriage, can't get between them to get onto the sidewalk. Cars patronizing this business often park illegally at the entrance to the 700 block of Ellsworth, making it impossible to turn onto that block. They often totally block the entrance to Ellsworth. I have never seen a ticket, in many years, on any of these cars. Why do Center City businesses have to obey the law but not South Philly businesses? The Parking Authority could make a fortune if it spent some time south of Washinton Avenue.

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