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Been thinking about this for a while - but this past weekend finally pushed me. Was painting my fence, which backs up to a building on Grand Ave, and nearly got peed on by someone who decided to urinate on the opposite side of my fence, not knowing I was there.

Grand Ave between Olive and Jefferson is a drag on our neighborhood. Noise issues, drug use, littering, loss of businesses (looks like Olive & Grand Food Mart is shutting down) - it cuts right through our neighborhood and is an uninviting divider separating Lyon & William Streets from the rest.

It's time to clean this mess up.
Follow the Howe St model - not long ago, that wasn't a great place to be after dark. Now it's totally transformed.
Put up cameras to curb illicit activity, and improve pedestrian confidence at night.
Calm traffic and improve access by adding a bike lane (to connect with existing bike lanes downtown, and beginning on Grand Ave entering Fair Haven). Street parking - metered and/or resident.

This would be a serious quality of life improvement for neighbors, and connecting just-out-of-downtown businesses to a growing downtown.
Time to start a conversation.

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