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Abandoned Vehicle Acknowledged

904 Tessa Drive Northwest Albuquerque, New Mexico Show on Map Hide Map
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Abandoned Vehicle


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White Chevrolet suburban abandond hasnt moved in more than 6 months. Back window is busted in trash and debris around and under vehicle. Almost flat tires. Unsure of who owner is sits between 2 houses. on busy street across from school. All room is needed on street especially in front of the school. Eyesore vehicle.

also asked...
Q. License Plate #
A. No Answer Given
Q. State
A. New Mexico
Q. Make
A. Chevrolet
Q. Model
A. suburban
Q. Color
A. white
Q. Year
A. unk
Q. Condition
A. Poor
Q. Summary of problem
A. vehicle abandoned
Q. Number of days there?
A. 120+
Q. Private or Public?
A. public

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