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City of St. Petersburg


Sanitation Department


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This guy is a nut. When our bins are emptied he takes all the tenants bins that belong to the tenants next door, and puts them all over the neighborhood in front of other peoples homes.he claims they are on his property. This is city property and he has no right to touch these bins on city property. the neighbor across the way has complained but he is still doing it. all that energy to remove these bins. these bins belong to disabled tenants. seems very hateful. We have a very nice neighborhood here and this is unacceptable behavior anywhere. Please educate him on property lines and property of city {BINS} Thanks for all you try to do. some people just do what they want. I wish I could

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Q. What issue is being reported?
A. Improper Container Placement
Q. If this is a special item pick-up request, what items need to be picked up?
A. Sem resposta dada
Q. Is this a residential or commercial request?
A. Residential

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