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Lack of customer service by any government employee. Open

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pothole, trash, homeless


1. cannot visit the bank or post office without being asked for money by bums or crackheads hanging out in the area.
2. countless bums and homeless pushing shopping carts around the city and digging though my garbage.
3. customer service at city hall is non-existent. cannot get anything accomplished unless you kiss a$$ or have a connection to the corrupt employees / politician.
4. exit 15 on I95 and drive towards North avenue and you will think your still in the Bronx. Nice way to bring investors into town.
5. Keep adding affordable housing so the burden will continue to fall on the middle class home owners.
6. Tax roll: its amazing seeing homes in the north end that are valued lower than the east end, but are for sale for $2-$3 million. Also I laugh when I scroll though the wholly exempt section. So these so called non-profit private schools (that charge $20,000+ per student to attend), so called churches (1 family residence), UN diplomats (in $2 million homes), use city services, garbage, streets, city hall employees. but add no value to the city as they pay $0 in taxes. Very laughable.

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