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Please Help This Old Lady Has A Yard And It's Very Dangerous Open

1121 Allen Rd Burns, Tennessee Show on Map Hide Map
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Hi I have already reported this old lady three times. Her yard is as high as huge trees in the backyard. She has even kept a huge tree that is dangerous and has let grass grow over it. It is getting even worse since someone came out last year. She refuses to mow it or let anyone else. I see no other option but to contact the news if the codes in the Burns area don't do anything about this. She is putting all of us neighbors in danger and the bugs are biting us bad and she has snakes. Nobody will mow the yard or weed eat. She is way too old to be living there alone. She has a daughter who won't mow anything but the front yard every two months. There is no weed eating done and the whole house is being taken over by trees that are going to be falling on the roof and growing over the whole house very soon. Please come have a look and fine her or arrest her. She has taken this matter in her own hands and refuses for anyone to mow the grass and nobody will even mow it. The big tree is huge and now hidden under tall grass and if you come have a look you will see this is very dangerous and a fire could take place at anytime. Thank you for your help.

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