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The bathrooms by the playground were recently renovated (port-a-potties were provided while renovations were completed), which is awesome! But now they are locked with no port-a-potties or alternative restroom option until at least 12pm when the tennis center opens. When you have young kids and toilet-training toddlers at the park playing in the mornings, it would be great to have a restroom option!

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Hỏi. Site Location -Ball Fields / Tennis / Basketball
Đáp. Tattnall Square @ 1155 College St
Hỏi. Site Location – Playgrounds / Rental Parks
Đáp. N/A
Hỏi. Select issue type - Provide details in description box.
Đáp. N/A
Hỏi. Is this regarding the bathroom facilities
Đáp. Yes
Hỏi. Type of maintenance required?
Đáp. Restock Paper towels/toliet tissue
Hỏi. Is this regarding a flag?
Đáp. No
Hỏi. Type of Flag and Size
Đáp. N/A
Hỏi. Replacement needed? Condition of flag?
Đáp. No,
Hỏi. Is this about the pole the flag is attached to? Please provide a description in box below
Đáp. No

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